Faster Than the Fire Department

Fall Ende Maerz

Across town and to the operating room

Friday afternoon: The young woman with strong pelvic pain is one of the last patients in the gynecological clinic.  For two weeks the pain has plagued her.  The doctors in other clinics were unable to diagnose her with anything concrete.  The belly is quite soft, but the ultrasound shows Dr. Jens Hassfeld a large collection of fluid behind the uterus.  The lab results indicate a strong infection.  The gynecologist opts for an urgent operation.

Anesthetist Susen Dressler leads the anesthesia as Dr. Hassfeld opens the abdominal cavity and tries to get an overview of the problem.  A lot of pus and bonded loops of intestine immediately catch the eye.  But interestingly, the problem does not seem to come from the ovary, as originally believed…

Fall Ende Maerz Teaser
During the operation

Scene Change:  Dr. Annette Haar is sitting this evening in church.  It was a busy week, but now she can finally relax.  However, the church peace is suddenly interrupted by a ringing sound.  She surgeon reaches for the phone.  “Come immediately, Jens needs help!”

Exactly six minutes later Dr. Haar is in the operating room.  For the erupted appendix she is now responsible.  The team works hard until they can finally close the abdomen.

Certainly the medical history was atypical for appendicitis.  But as truly remarkable is the reaction of the surgeon.  From the church, to the taxi, through the town, into the locker room, and finally the OR.  All in a period of less than 10 minutes.  Simply unbeatable.

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