We Understand Any Language (Almost)

Slider Katja Miske und Russe

Translation agency Diospi Suyana

Boris Pavlov* wants an intense Andean experience.  The tour agency has provided a fast bike and a tour guide.  They first begin in the desert, racing along the coastal plains.  Then begins the ascent into the mountains.  The Russian tourists loves taking in the distant views from his motorcycle.  Now his view opens up to the Curahuasi valley.  Just beautiful!  Unfortunately, his eyes linger a little too long at the impressive panorama.  Suddenly there is the sound of a loud impact and Boris is thrown through the air like a cowboy off a wild horse.  The evil guard rail was the culprit.

They bring the wounded rider to Hospital Diospi Suyana.  There, the wounds are treated in the operating room by surgeon Dr. Annette Haar.  And how does it work understanding the language?  Russian is so common in Peru, like Spanish is in Siberia.  Don’t panic, at Diospi Suyana there are four employees that speak Russian at a high level.  Nurse Katja Miske (in white) works as the translator.  Thus, the language barrier is overcome and Boris satisfactorily gives the victory sign.

At Diospi Suyana one can find capable translators in the following languages: German, Spanish, English, Russian, Finnish, French, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Quechua, Swiss German, several Austrian dialects, and Guarani (Paraguay).  The teachers at the Diospi Suyana School can add Croatian and Latin to this list.  The latter is very important when communicating with the Roman tourists.  However, we haven’t sighted one yet.

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