What was Curahuasi like 44 Years ago?

 Slider Hauptstrasse Curahuasi

Duane Zandstra knows exactly

First a lecture to 100 students in a public school in the morning and then a presentation in the gymnasium of the Innotec company around noon.  In the afternoon I speak to students at Calvin College in Grand Rapids.  An older couple is also seated in the audience.  As I’m packing my things together the older man approaches me. “I was in Curahuasi 44 years ago,” he says as he pulls out some old photos.  “At that time I worked for two years as a volunteer with the American Peace Corps!”

Duane Zandstra
Duane Zandstra (right)

The faded images show a lonely dirt road that winds through the mountains.  The main street in town is also unpaved.  All the buildings are made of mud brick.  His wife teaches at Calvin College, so he heard I was coming from Curahuasi beforehand.  In no time I snapped a few pictures of his photographs and I’m already back on the highway.  This time to Indiana.  / KDJ


Slider Weg nach Curahuasi
The connecting road between Cusco and Curahuasi. A dirt track.
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