The Most Important Question of Any Trip

Slider Mit wem reist du

With whom do you travel?

Eight and a half years after the first big lecture tour of the United States, Dr. John is now beginning his second US tour.  Saturday and Sunday he is flying from Lima via Dallas and on to Grand Rapids, MI.  From November 3-30 he has 48 speaking engagements planned.  The presentations and interviews will take place in the following states: Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, and California.

In the magazine of the airline Lan, there is an advertisement for a rental car company.  The question across the ad reads in black: “One of the most important dealings of your travel is with whom you are traveling!”

Diospi Suyana is not merely a social and humanitarian work.  Rather, the organizers and staff believe that each of us can go through life with God.  We are relational beings.  Without love, sympathy, and understanding none of us would want to spend a single day here on this earth.  Jesus Christ said in his sermons,  He wants to have a real relationship with us.  The church father Augustine went so far as to say that we would always be restless without this connection to God.

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