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Radio Diospi Suyana

What is going on in the school?

Quite a lot

The Peruvian grandes vacances last 11 weeks.  The pupils either delight about all the free time they have or suffer from boredom at home.  However, at the colegio some people are extremely active.  Volunteers are sitting in the library and are binding books.  Piles of them.

In the office one sees staff working intensively at the entrance process for new pupils.  For three years Ester Castillo (right in the picture) has worked as psychological companion for our pupils and is showing her successor Géraldine the ropes.  Currently the two of them are evaluating entrance exams.  Every day our senior pupils complete questionnaires.  We are delighted that our school continues growing.

In the meantime two of our voluntary social workers for one year are advertising the school’s holiday programme that will begin on 3rd February, focus of which will be promoting talent: dance, art, karaoke, chess, cooking and much more awaits the pupils that yearn for an excellent holiday programme. /CB