Who am I Tomorrow?

Elsa Schuler

A question that we all need to answer

Between Dr. Martina John and the administration supervisor Stefan Seiler, Elsa Schuler laughs in the Curahuasi sun.  The young woman from Wiesbaden, Germany works a few months at Diospi Suyana following her completed bank training (her mother went to school with Drs. Klaus and Martina John 35 years ago).  Look at the inscription on the t-shirt of Elsa; it is absolutely timeless.  “Who am I tomorrow?”

Who am I tomorrow
Elsa Schuler and her t-shirt: “Who am I tomorrow?”

Our volunteers often expect to gain valuable answers and ideas for their future: “Who will I be in 5 years, 10 years and beyond?”  This is a question we often think a young person would ask, but what if they are 75 years old?  We might think this question wouldn’t matter to them, but that might be an incorrect assumption.

No one can predict his own future, but we all know with absolute certainty that we can be secure in God’s hands.  Assuming we all want this, perhaps the anwer to this question is even more urgent for a 75-year old than for a 21-year old.

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