A woman who changed the world


Lyndal Maxwell

It would take many years for Lyndal to learn that her own mother had rejected her. Thanks to the love of her Australian adoptive parents she overcame this pain. These convinced Christians lived out their faith in a simple and authentic way. It is not surprising that the young girl also became a committed Christian. In 1999, as a trained radiographer, she traveled to Ecuador to work at the Hospital del Oriente Vozandes as a missionary.

A first class ultrasound expert.

Right next to her ultrasound room, the surgeon of the hospital had his outpatient office. He spent every free minute to write on a project proposal for a new mission hospital in Peru. Enthusiasm is infectious. When the Johns moved to Peru in the fall of 2003, it didn’t take long and Lyndal followed them to Curahuasi.

November 2005: Lyndal Maxwell and Dr. Martina John founded the first Diospi-Suyana kid’s club. Initially 15 boys and girls met in Lyndal’s living room. Over the years this ministry has developed into 11 clubs that attract 400 children every week.

Without a doubt, Lyndal has a big heart for children. She started a personal assistance program and supported poor children with school supplies. Until yesterday she has provided 327 children with shoulder bags, books and crayons.

School Supply Program red
School bags, books and pencils for 327 children.

Several years ago, a mother of seven children died of heart failure. The father was more interested in beer and chicha than in his own family. Lyndal did not hesitate and took all the children into her house. She cares for each individual according to their needs; they get more than just a roof over their head. Lyndal gives them love, support, education and provides them with food, clothing and toys. She has been a real mother to the seven boys.

Lyndal Maxwell is a first class pioneer woman. She has helped many missionary families with large and small renovation projects. She has two right hands, a big heart and eyes that can see far into the future.

Lyndal has put all her hopes on the man who died on the cross and left his grave three days later. The power of the Risen man has become visible in their lives. Who would ever doubt it?

Boys Bikes red
Her boys on bicycles.


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