A Chronic and Acute Problem – Licensing our Doctors


Growing hope after a meeting with the Vice Dean Dr. Jorge Rubiños

Of course all doctors wanting to work at Diospi Suyana need official authorization to work, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult for foreigners to obtain such a license.  Often times years and months go by trying to secure their license without success.  Although the mission hospital has been open since 2007, so far only the mission doctors John’s have been successful in obtaining their licenses.  Dr. Jens Hasfeld has a good chance within the next 4-6 months to obtain the “Colegiadura.”.

Con el Vice Decano Dr. Jorge Rubinos
A long conversation with the Vice Dean Dr. Jorge Rubiños in Lima.

For our short-term doctors who invest their annual vacation to volunteer in Curahuasi, the situation has been exacerbated significantly in recent weeks.  Currently, a temporary work permit is being issued for only one month.

Yesterday, Dr. John explained the vision of Diospi Suyana to the Vice Dean of the National Medical Association.  Dr. Jorge Rubiños promised to visit the hospital soon saying, “Diospi Suyana is worth our support!”.  We hope and pray that by the end of May, a real solution is found.  Since 2006, Dr. John has already negotiated with five universities about licensing, with no positive progress to show for it.


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