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Radio Diospi Suyana

Deputy Minister for Communications receives missionary doctor

Rosa Virginia Nakagawa assures Diospi Suyana of her complete support

The meeting with the Deputy Minister was scheduled for 7a.m.  The evening before many unions called for a nationwide strike which should result in a Peruvian traffic nightmare.  Dr John arrived at the ministry office at 06:15a.m.

Having heard the missionary doctor’s presentation the high dignitary said that it is unique what has developed in South Peru through the power of faith and added that she definitely wants to visit Diospi Suyana.  Sra. Mariella Rosa Carrasco, who heads the commission responsible for allocating the radio and TV-frequencies, also attended the meeting.

We are thankful for each and every high-level contact that Diospi Suyana has to the current government.

At the crack of dawn.  The officials have not arrived at the ministry office yet.  On the big screen one can see the Deputy Minister speaking.