4 transports from overseas

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Destination: Diospi Suyana

Container Nr. 53 should be crossing the Panama canal shortly. The content should be a full load of material goods from  Germany for our work in Peru. In Sidney Hightech-equipment for our Media-Center was packed a few days ago. The sea passage from Australia over the Pacific should take 3 weeks.

We expect new equipment for our operation rooms from Brasil. It is a donation from the company Draeger. And last but not least there is an upcoming delivery from Mexico. The air cargo and the content are a donation from Draeger as well.

As usual we expect a battle with with the public authorities. Clearing customs seems nearly always problematic. Keeping fingers crossed doesn’t really help here, but prayers even more so.

Shipment Australia teaser
In front of the door of the Welch family in Sidney. This box goes to Peru.
Shipment Australia slider 2
Hightech equipment for the Media-Center of Diospi Suyana.
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