Exceptionally gifted artists

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Dietlind Kemmler as volunteer at the Colegio Diospi Suyana

When you crossed the schoolyard of the Colegio Diospi Suyana in the past three weeks you over and over encountered students with coulor spots on their lab coats. Sometimes not only the lab coats were spotted, also their gleaming faces. This creative explosion has a name: Dietlind Kemmler. In May the mother of Dr. Doro Brady came to Curahuasi to visit her children and grandchildren. But she had another mission in mind. As an art teacher art is her passion- and she really wanted to share this passion with the students of the Colegio Diospi Suyana.

So she showed up at the Colegio with paints, canvases, brushes and thousands of ideas and began to infect the kids with her enthusiasm. All the kids, from the small ones in first grade to the older ones in the higher grades, were allowed to develop their phantasies. The finished results brought out unforeseen artistic abilities.

The motive of this art project was called:”Curahuasi- mi patria”(Curahuasi, my home). Everything that you can find in Curahuasi was brought to paper. And that was a lot. The list ranges from self potraits to domestic fruits and guinea pigs, to Moto-Taxis and Quechua women in their traditional costume.

Completing the project everybody worked on eternalizing the high valley of Curahuasi. Neither the well known “house mountain” could be missed nor the white anis fields. Naturally the Diospi Suyana school and the missions hospital found their place on the big sheet. The church tower made from adobe stone is the actual town’s landmark and as such well visible.

The art work is supposed to be the stage design at the school’s birthday. An exhibition at that celebration will honor the pictures of the children. Who wouldn’ t be proud! We thank Dietlind Kemmler for the execution and supervision of this art event. Sooner or later the seed of art will bear fruit in these indian children. (Alexandra Abdel-Nabi)

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Four boys paint the sky over Curahuasi.
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Expressive colours
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