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4 pieces of good news from our building site

Does not it normally read: bad news is good news?

Our building engineer peruses Family Engel’s statistics on the computer screen. The North-German bureau has sent over 200 pages with countless calculations for the planned new school-building to Peru. The company worked in an honorary capacity and could have charged us a five digit bill, but they did not: that is the first excellent piece of news. But now it is Udo Klemenz to speak.

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana, this week that was filled with unspectacular small and ancillary works has flown by and we are all looking forward to the upcoming long Christmas bank holiday weekend. We stop work before Christmas at noon on Saturday and the last working week of 2018 starts on Wednesday morning. Due to the chiselling work for the stairwell the screed works were put on hold for a couple of days. They resumed on Wednesday and the next field was concreted.

The edges of the well hole have been plastered and the window half way up the stairs coming from the ground floor is ready for the final break through.

In exhausting fiddly work and balancing on the scaffolding the painter is cleaning the outside façade from dirt and specks of concrete before applying the final coat.

The masonry work for the operating theatres is completed and the remaining stiffening columns are being concreted.

The subcontractor has started putting the light-weight partition walls for the respective offices in place. The window builder has promised us that he will get the missing profiles before the end of the year and will start immediately upon receipt. Ojalá (Hopefully)!

Diospi Suyana’s building team wishes you all a blessed and happy Christmas time! Udo

The steps of the stairwell have been stripped of the formwork and the edges are being prepared for the plastering. 
Where the window half way up the stairs from the ground floor will be.
The dividing walls in the operating theatres have been completely bricked.
The first step for the light-weight partition walls.
A huge donation from the company “Metallbau Quosdorf”.

Four special windows, costing €14,500, for the Media Centre will arrive in Container#65 in Callao Harbour tomorrow. After long considerations – and a chat with Father Christmas – the company “Metallbau Quosdorf” reached this decision. That is the second bit of good news.

Oebele de Haan mounts the electrical connection for his goods lift.

Oebele is a whizzkid when it comes to metal or electricity. Yesterday he connected his self-made goods lift to the mains. We do not know how much this lift costs, but are sure it does not come cheap: this is the third piece of good news.

Company Sirona has pledged a donation in kind of roughly €8,000 to Andre Bacher.

Andre works hard in the laboratory, at his desk and on the phone. With patience and perseverance has struck a deal with the Sirona staff concerning an x-ray machine for the Dental Clinic: a set of sensors will be donated. That is the fourth piece of good news!