The rainy season has arrived far too early


… come rain, come shine the building work must continue

Dear friends, just before close of business on Wednesday completely unexpectedly the heavens opened and Thunderstorm crashed down on us with an intensity I have rarely experienced: within 20 minutes 9 litres/m² and a lot of hail came down on us submerging the land.  I hope any earnestly pray that this will have been the last heavy rainfall before the roof of the third stage of construction is completed.

All necessary preparation works for the roof mounting are completed and all of us assisted hoisting the roof trusses onto the gridiron.

The work on the outside staircase is relatively laborious and time intense, because many small tasks are dependent on each other; nevertheless work is progressing.

The intermediate walls are standing, the exterior rendering work on the north façade is moving forward and the foundations for the solar energy plant will be completed over the weekend.  Heartfelt greetings from Curahuasi, Udo.

The flooded inner courtyard.
The steel profiles are being cleaned and primed.
All hands on deck to hoist the straight crossfall.
The final completion beam in the staircase.
Plastering of the north façade in the inner courtyard.
The foundations for the new solar energy plant.
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