“Until we meet again!”

But when and where?

Mission Doctors John’s lecture has long since ended. A small church choir sings an Irish blessing song as a farewell. “And until we meet again, and until we meet again, may God keep his protecting hand over you!” The melody goes into the ear and the lyrics into the heart. Following an impulse, I pull out my cell phone and quickly take a picture.

After the service, a nice gentleman approaches me and tells me some details of his family history. Finally, we shake hands and say goodbye. “I’ll see you in five years when we come back!”, I remark cheerfully. – “No, we won’t meet again!” is the unexpected answer from the Berliner. My ears perk up. “And why not?”, I want to know. – “I have lung metastases from appendiceal carcinoma!”

We are silent and look into each other’s eyes. As I do so, I ponder the hammering meaning of his words. Perhaps he is superficially right and another meeting is no longer possible for either of us in this world. But the Bible says that all who put their trust in Jesus Christ will meet again on the other side of the curtain. And 100 Pro!

Mario J. framed by missionary doctors John