Turning the world upside down

The overcoming of egoism

A TV team works in the operating room of Diospi Suyana Hospital. At regular intervals, a film crew comes by and prepares a television report. Twice each, the reporters from ZDF and SWR, as well as ARTE and VOX, flew to Peru to visit Diospi Suyana. Of course, the high-tech hospital for the descendants of the Incas is fascinating. Because what is on a plateau in front of the town of Curahuasi is proof that selfless love exists.

A satisfied urological patient sits next to Dr. Zeier.

The popular TV show “Goodbye Germany” was about the missionary family Zeier at the end of April. While usually dropouts are filmed who want to self-actualize in an exotic spot of this earth, the approach of the documentary was suddenly completely different: selflessness.

Jesus Christ once said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross!”

Who would want to live like that in today’s society? Charitable involvement is only nice as long as it takes my own sensitivities into account. Because “the bottom line is that I count.” Postbank used this advertising slogan to describe our generation’s attitude to life.

Selfishness is on the rise. We are observing a “global warming” and at the same time a worldwide cooling of social interaction. It is an almost prophetic prediction that in the future Christian humanitarian projects will shine brighter than ever before. Simply because it has become dark.

In doing so, we should never conceal our confession. We want to honor God with our lives and serve people in need. We do this not because we are better than others, but because we have a real hope. And it is called: Jesus Christ. /KDJ

How do we overcome self-centeredness?