Total transparency on price

60 Ct to the Hospital Diospi Suyana

Over the years, some cab drivers have ripped me off pretty badly Already on the way in dark corners of Lima, the fare was suddenly raised upwards. I also eye taximeters with great caution. Those who are skilled can certainly Turk the measurements. In this uncertainty, I praise my cab driver from this morning. The price list hangs right in front of my nose. So there are no discussions. Probably most of the passengers – like me – want to go to the Diospi Suyana Hospital. That’s why the Mission Hospital is at the top of the list. The 2.5 soles (60 Ct) don’t break my annual budget and get me right in front of the main entrance in five minutes. Convenient and simple, although not always completely safe. Last week, a passenger in a mototaxi died because the brakes failed…. /KDJ