From the Indian tent to home delivery

A restless night and quite international

Anna Pereira lay heavily pregnant in the bedroom, holding down the fort. Papa Oliver Schmidt (on the right) stayed with the three children in the Indian tent in the garden. She went into labor shortly after midnight and Chief Oliver went looking for a babysitter in the neighborhood. When he returned, the little one’s head was already visible. No problem at all. Oliver performed the birth in the bedroom – an easy routine for him as a general practitioner.

For the control in the hospital Diospi Suyana in the early morning hours also the midwife Damaris appeared. She took touching care of mother and child. And a short time later, Dr. Ollie O’Neill (left) checked on the newborn. There was no cause for concern. Serena Grace Schmidt Pereira weighs 3540 g and is 48 cm tall. Although her parents are from Paraguay, she has Peruvian citizenship. By the way, the pediatrician carries an English passport.

In the past hours, some arrived early and others late. But the result was great and everyone is happy.