The weekly book reading from Frankfurt (Oder)

And the lost battery key

For several years Ingeborg Wackwitz worked as HR Manager at the Lutherstift Hospital in Frankfurt (Oder).  Back in 2010 she heard Diospi Suyana’s story live in her city.  In her retirement she continues to be extremely active.  Every Saturday she visits two ladies and reads to them from the three books about Diospi Suyana.  Her two listeners have contacted our home office with an interesting story:

“Every week our friend Ingeborg reads to us from various books.  Currently we are reading Klaus’ second book “God has seen us”.  It is almost unbelievable what you have made possible with God’s help.  Here a small anecdote.

Kathrin bought herself a second hand e-bike and within two weeks had lost the only battery key so that she could not use the electric drive.  We looked absolutely everywhere when we looked for the key: cellar, flat, garden, wrote “missing” letters to the neighbours, ordered from Universum.  Nothing.  Several days past.

After our weekly reading in your book and a lovely evening with Ingeborg and before putting the light out I asked God if it is wiser to donate the money for a new battery since he knows where the key is.  Who else, if he does not!?  He answered her the next day.

Kathrin’s key was found under the armrest in a forklift truck at her workplace.  A colleague had found it a few days before, but because she had no idea to which device it belonged she put it in the compartment under the armrest.  Kathrin has absolutely no idea why she lifted up the armrest that morning for the first time ever, but it happened exactly the next day after she had asked God for help.

So my dears, the donation is on its way.  God felt it was more important than to use the money for a new battery!  Cordial greetings from Kathrin and Jana.”

Ingeborg, Kathrin and Jana during one of their book reading sessions.
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