Is there anyone who understands my heart?

Or am I all alone?

These days many people are wearing black bows and black roses on their WhatsApp profile photos.  These are silent pointers to their family members or friends who have died through the pandemic.  As long as misfortune does not affect our families, we can endure a great deal.  Since it is the others who are suffering.  We can endure frightening pictures from distant countries and silently hope: “I hope that I and my loved ones won’t be affected!”

For two days she waited in front of our hospital for an intensive care bed for her father.  He was lying in a hospital in Abancay, where also all intensive care beds were full and the waiting list of those patients waiting for a respirator was long.  “I am extremely sorry,” I told the crying woman at the entrance, “Our intensive care station team is approaching its limit!”

Four years ago Adel Tawil wrote the song: “Is anyone there?”  The son of an Egyptian father and a Tunisian mother publicly declared that he has not read the bible and does not have his Koran with him.  In the chorus the popstar asks mankind’s ancient question: “Is there anyone who understands my heart? More than 66 million people have listened to his ballade on YouTube:

Is there anyone who understands my heart?
And who goes with me to the end?
Is there someone who still believes in me?
Is anyone there? Is anyone there?
Who takes my shadow from the soul
And take me home safely?
Is there anyone,
Who really needs me?
Is anyone there? Is anyone there?

Materialism finds no answer to this question, no more does atheism.  But Jesus Christ does.  It was he who 2,000 years ago said: “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life!”  For those of us who feel that this is too impersonal can claim the following words of Christ for themselves: “Come unto me all ye who are burdened and heavy laden, I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28).

I know no other hope than the words of Jesus.  Neither for me, nor for Covid-patients, nor for anyone else./KDJ (click on the arrow to listen to the song.)

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