The solution for a 2-week Corona quarantine

This good idea comes from Israel and has something to do with Diospi Suyana

Tim Cam has an American passport, lives in Oregon and has Russian roots.   Six years ago he read the youth book “Hope in the Andes” about Diospi Suyana on his parents’ farm.  Currently he is in Israel to help with the grape harvest as a volunteer.  But unfortunately – or rather fortunately – he had to spend 14 days in quarantine.  That, however, was no cause for boredom.  Tim read the second book about Diospi Suyana’s story “God has seen us”.

And before the sun set over the Holy Land he sent a photo half way round the world to prove it.  As a reward Tim may eat as many grapes as he wants during the grape harvest.  We recommend all travellers spending their quarantine in hotels to read the second book about Diospi Suyana that is available in German, English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Rumanian.

Tim Cam has just finished reading Diospi Suyana’s second book “God has seen us” and takes a selfie in the mirror.
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