The deputy Health Minister welcomes a Diospi Suyana delegation

Shoes have to shine at such a meeting

The German Embassy played a crucial role in realising the meeting.  Yesterday at 3p.m. the deputy Health Minister Dr. Víctor Freddy Bocangel welcomed the Hospital- director and Administration-director Dr Klaus John and Steven de Jager respectively.  The meeting started off with a short presentation of Diospi Suyana’s vision.

In the near future Diospi Suyana wants to fly in medical equipment to Peru and we needed governmental assurance that the valuable cargo would go directly to Curahuasi and that it would not be rerouted other hospitals.  Having obtained the verbal guarantee – the written guarantee is being drafted as I write – we will start preparing the transport within days.

The deputy Minister said that he had heard many positive things about the missionary hospital and that he would gladly help to support Diospi Suyana’s work.

Every conference needs to be well prepared.  That morning nurse Ricarda had rushed to the supermarket to buy the necessary shoe polish, as only women were allowed to go shopping yesterday.  It was thanks to her that Steven de Jager and Dr John’s shoes were unimpeachable.

During the course of the day further materials for the hospital were handed in at the guest house.  This week the Diospi-Suyana-missionaries plan to head back to Apurímac with a fully laden car.

You must look smart when you visit the Ministry of Health.
Normally 700 people work in this building.  But yesterday the offices and corridors were rather empty.  Here home office also exists!
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