The coach on the other side of the globe

Chris Welch from Perth monitors the satellite link from Diospi Suyana Radio

David Hanco and Isaac Panes work in high concentration on an antenna that connects our media center to a satellite at an altitude of 38,000 km. After a lightning strike, one part (Low Noise Block) had to be replaced. While they tinker with the expensive technology, they receive instructions from the green continent over 12000 km away. Chris Welch, a proven expert in satellite technology, spent three years working on the ground in Curahuasi. Now he sits in his Australian home office, so to speak, and supports Diospi Suyana secretly, quietly.

Chris Welch in Perth, Australia

When Europeans and Latin Americans are sleeping peacefully, he is calculating and drawing circuit diagrams for Diospi Suyana that are closed to ordinary mortals. It was his vision to make our mission’s radio program available to southern Peru. In a few weeks, the last two of our 12 FM frequencies will also be switched on, and then 50% of the population from five states will be able to receive the Diospi Suyana message around the clock.

All orders for important components for our system go through the bearded man from Perth. If you want to know the exciting story of his life, you will find it in the book “Walking on Water”.

Those who understand this can do more than just read and write. A schematic from the brain of Chris Welch.
This part was defective. Without a regular service, our radio network would be paralyzed in a few days.

The possibilities of the Diospi Suyana radio channel are great. From April 26 to 30, the evening program of the festival “Eco en los Andes” was broadcast live to the south.

We will never know how many thousands of Peruvians were cheering along at their radios. By now, word should have spread that the brilliant engineer from Australia is also a committed Christian. His commitment to Diospi Suyana is voluntary and his motive is to spread the best news there is. God sees us and loves us. /KDJ

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