Terracotta – THE Color Of Spring

Hi Klaus and Olaf;

Unfortunately, we still have heavy rains and the construction site was pretty much flooded again this morning. As I had mentioned before, we have started to roof the outpatient clinic, and after an initial learning phase the work is progressing much faster now.

The steel construction for the hospital workshop roof frame is almost finished, so the actual roofing could begin next week. Another steel construction is currently being put on the kitchen building. We have also started the brick work for the hospital offices. At the moment, we are working on the office for the boss (Photo 3).

As you can see on photo 4, the weather is interfering with the excavations for the patient rooms.

And there is a lot going on at the outdoor theater site! All seating rows are finished. The steps leading up to the seating are almost finished as well. The bricks for restrooms are being laid, and today, we will pour the concrete for the stage.

The only thing that is missing to keep the construction going at this pace is ‘plata’ (money).

Have a nice weekend and God bless, Udo

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