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Simply ingenious: Diospi Suyana’s delivery

The school comes to the pupils

Finally, after seven weeks of quarantine, the Diospi-Suyana-School has the official permission to distribute teaching materials to its pupils once a week.  And so every Monday one of the school busses drives to ten different points in the city.  It also drives to the mountain villages where the poorest of our families live.

Matthias Kügler, our technical head, made this distribution possible.  He simply converted the bus to a mobile library.  Thereby the whole process can be quickly and efficiently done.

Next week at every stop the parents will be able to give back their children’s exercise books and the tests.  Our teaching staff are ready to thoroughly correct and evaluate the homework.

This “Delivery-Option” is absolutely essential for our school and comes by no means a day too early.  For in the next weeks the public schools will open their offices in order to draw pupils away from the private schools.  But one should not go so far and speak of real competition.  The public school system operates extremely cumbersomely and still has not organised an adequate programme for most of its pupils living in the countryside.

The central government is running a downright propaganda campaign against the private school sector.  Perhaps it is due to some influential members of Congress who are using the crisis to pull through their agendas.

Our school team fights for every single pupil.  We are convinced that the boys and girls who attend the Diospi-Suyana-School are given an excellent education.  Even if you live overseas, you can support us.  We ask that you include our and all the other Christian schools in Peru in your prayers.

Everything is correctly and tidily arranged.  Head Christian Bigalke (left) looks satisfied.  And rightly so!
Parents queuing orderly on the outskirts of a village.
The same can be seen on Curahuasi’s central square.