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Radio Diospi Suyana

A valiant team packed Container#71

Steely determination

Yesterday morning – while most people in Germany were speaking about the Corona-Virus – six “men of action” loaded Diospi Suyana’s Container#71.  You should remember the following names (in alphabetical order): Peter Berger, Olaf Böttger, Rocco Gasteiger, Alexander Harres, Detlev Hofmann and Thomas Kaal. These personalities are formally predestined for great tasks in the future.

This feat of strength in SMS medipool’s warehouse once again made clear that even a small group of daring people can achieve great feats.  Employing their untameable will, impressive muscle-power and enduring patience these six volunteers loaded the precious cargo into the container.  A big “dankeschön”!

Thumbs up for SMS medipool.  The company provides us storage space in their premises free of charge.  Detlev Hofmann (above front) is responsible for the daily coordination of the donations in kind.  Over the course of the past few years he has become one of Diospi Suyana’s key persons.

Whilst the others are enjoying a hot bath and relaxing their muscles, the association chairman Olaf Böttger completes the paperwork. Rosemarie, his mother, kindly provided sandwiches while a certain Ms Lehmann, living in Hornberg, baked a cheese cake.  Mil gracias to all involved.

All hands on the boxes.  The final metres.
Olaf Böttger, the assocation’s chairman, exudes the necessary calm and has the overview.
In a few minutes it is time for the breakfast break.  It makes every effort worth it.
Sandwiches from Wiesbaden and a cheese cake from Hornberg (Black Forest).
The container’s colours are self-explanatory: the Diospi-Suyana-colours red and yellow.