Fate of a Child: The Femoral Head Dies

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But that doesn’t need to be the end

Little boys usually are running around constantly.  However, 6 year-old Henry has been limping for 6 months, so his parents were justifiably concerned.  Pediatrician Dr. Martina John examined the little one with great care.  The mobility of his right hip was indeed limited.  The x-ray image (see above) revealed the reason.  The right femoral head (from viewer’s left) is partially dead and collapsed.  The disease is called Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.

Mit Kruecken
Henry with the crutches of Dr. Hassfeld’s son.

Diospi Suyana’s gynecologist Dr. Hassfeld is an expert in this field, which actually is an orthopedic issue, because one of his sons has been affected by the same disease.  It encouraged Henry’s parents immensely to hear that Dr. Hassfeld’s son again can run and play sports normally.  And as a rare opportunity, Henry received the crutches of Dr. Hassfeld’s son.

Explanation: Normally, the femoral head can regenerate with this condition.

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