Not Only the Media Center Being Built

Baufortschritt Mitte Mai

Johannes Bahr keeps a clear view

Dear Diospi-Suyana friends and readers of the construction report, every day I take a picture of the construction site from the same location.  This way I can see in detail what progress was made each day.  Even more significant is the changes one can see if you compare where we are now with the image from May 7 (see the last building report).

What first stands out is that the areas between the foundation beams are blue.  That’s foil.  It serves as a moisture barrier for the concrete and thus ensures long term quality.  Under the foil is a 1-2 cm thick concrete cover, which is a leveling cover.  This makes sure that the reinforcing bars are really horizontal and not contributing to possible irregularities in the floor.  Also notice that the road is now clean, a clear sign that we are done moving dirt.  Also, all reinforcing bars of the 18 foundation beams have been installed and set up for the edge base plate.  Before this can be concreted, the iron must be laid on the base plate itself.  Also, of course, the starter bars for the supports must not be forgotten.  These are, as you can see, already finished.  We are still missing some of the plumbing, but that we will do next week.

The tile man has also advanced a long way in the upper floor of the administration area in the hospital.  At the school the painter is busy repainting a few areas and we only lack finishing the installation of the fence for the kindergarten.

Have a blessed week, Johannes

Die Anschlusseisen der ersten Stuetze werden montiert
The starter bars are mounted for the first supports.
Die Pfosten fuer den Zaun stehen schon
A fence is set next to the kindergarten building.
Endlich wurde auch der letzte Teil des Treppenhauses im Hospital gefliest
Finally, the last section of the staircase is tiled in the hospital.
Unser Eisenbieger hat alle Haende voll zu tun
Media Center: Our iron-bender has his hands full of work.
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