Sabine Teichert never at a loss for a good idea

A welcome day for new interns

In Curahuasi the cooperation works, at least between the Hospital Diospi Suyana and the “Instituto”, by training personnel for nursing. For years, prospective nurses have rotated through our hospital as part of their internships. Some of them will get interesting jobs at Diospi Suyana in the future. At the beginning of the week, eight trainees showed up to get a taste of the real working world of a busy hospital. After two months, they are then replaced by the next group.

The leader of our nurses has once again come up with something fine.

Our nursing service manager Sabiene Teichert and her team had prepared a welcome day for last Monday. She writes:

“After an introduction by Sister Karla, Sister Andrea and me, Dr. Martina John explained the vision of Diospi Suyana. Afterwards, there was the opportunity to engage in conversation over a snack.

Then it became quite practical. In an interlude, some colleagues outlined the importance of holistic care. The interns learned the basics of hand disinfection and vital sign measurement (blood pressure, pulse, etc.).

The students were grateful for every practical touch. Due to the pandemic and the institute’s move to a new building, the focus of her teaching so far has been Zoom conferences!”

We thank Sabine Teichert and the sisters Karla and Andrea for their great commitment. And if the eight had learned nothing more than enthusiasm for their profession, then the welcome day would already have been worthwhile.

Dr. Martina John explains the vision of Diospi Suyana.
Measuring blood pressure: the right way to do it.
Hand disinfection according to the type of house
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