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Radio Diospi Suyana

Ryan Morigeau in His Element

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Excellent work and many first-class photos

Two seriously injured people are brought to Diospi Suyana.  A motorcyclist has collided with a moto-taxi.  It could be a routine case, like many others, but this time Ryan Morigeau is in the background.  The photographer from the United States analyzes the scenes and captures them with his camera.  The images show the full concentration on the employee’s faces.  The drama in the emergency department has several acts and many performers.

The nurses do their best.  For them, the value of human life is invaluable. They follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights set forth by the United Nations on December 10, 1948.  However, for our missionaries, the belief that God loves all people also weighs heavily on their minds.

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A patient is placed in the computer tomography. RTA Dorle Breitenbücher (left) and intensive care nurse Esther Scheier (right).
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Dr. Erin Connally, dentist, examines the injuries of the jaw. Nurse Esther Scheier (right).
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They will act quickly and take action to help the defenseless wounded.
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Nurses Ester Scheier, Bettina Markwart (left), OTA Markus Dürksen, and Dorle Breitenbücher (right).