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The construction continues even in the Christmas season

 Der 5,40 m hohe Maschendrahtzaun wird befestigt slider

Johannes Bahr presents the progress report

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, it is the Christmas season, therefore it is the best time to plant flowers and construct a 5 meter chain-link fence. OK, maybe not in Germany or the US, but here in Curahuasi the weather is good for such work.

So this week we have started to build the fence for the athletic field so no unwanted visitors come in and no footballs fly out.  Since the fence must be clamped at such a tall height, it causes things to be a bit more complicated. And though our workers have never made this type of fence, they come with enough skill, strength, and ingenuity to deliver a quality result.

But elsewhere there is also progress to report.  The floor in the basement of the kindergarten is half built.  Its missing the great room, which has served thus far as a warehouse. Therefore it must first by emptied and unnecessary items transported to the hospital.

The planting also has been progressing.  Currently 24 flower boxes have been filled with dirt and flowers. The best I’ve saved for last.  The company UNTECSA has resurfaced and will now make the entrance gates.  Their late completion of the order has however reduced their earnings.  As of today, their payment will be deducted by about 685 euros due to the contractual agreement.

A beautiful Christmas season and God’s blessings to all! Johannes

Drei Bäume im Wind
Three trees in the wind
Die Schalplatten werden in der Schule nicht mehr gebraucht, aber sicher bei der nächsten Baustelle.
The form panels are no longer needed at the school, but will certainly be used at the next construction location.
Der Toilettenwagen wird abtransportiert
The toilet trailer is removed.
Geländeaufschüttung für den Schulgarten
Moving dirt for the school garden.
Der erste Blumenkasten sitzt
The first plants