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Really good friends for 15 years

A “Dankeschön” to the cub-scouts in Trossingen

One would not think that the last encounter was 15 years ago.  On Sunday Dr John spoke about the Diospi Suyana’s developments at the Immanuel Gemeinde zu Trossingen.  And again just as it was 15 years ago the Baptist cub-scouts handed him a cheque.  And in the proven way chief Philipp Steuer spoke about how his protégées had raised the funds.

The faces have changed: the cub-scouts from back then now belong to the workers of the world and a new group has formed.

A picture of the cub-scouts back in 2004 is part of the missionary doctor’s normal presentation.  Back then nothing could be seen of the hospital in Curahuasi, since the building work was due to begin seven months later.  But that did not diminish the Trossinger’s enthusiasm – they definitely deserve loyalty points.

The correct and emotional newspaper article appeared on Tuesday in Trossingen.  It is said that the press lady also needed her handkerchief a few times during the evening.  Diospi Suyana, we trust in God.  In 2004 and also in 2020.

The same protagonists on 17th November 2004.