Question: What’s The Definition of “Key Person”?

Often times, a key person is not in the limelight but works in the background. They make sure everything stays on track and only when they are not involved and things start to fall apart, can you tell what an essential part they play.

Markus Rolli has been the missionary hospital’s allround technician for the last two years. His average on-call time: 168 hours per week. Whether it’s an electric system that isn’t working properly or a malfunctioning respirator, you only have to call Markus Rolli and he will solve the problem.

Thankfully, Markus Rolli, who is a Swiss citizen, and his wife are willing to serve for another few years at the Diospi Suyana hospital. The only down-side: their impending trip to Europe. We can only hope and pray that things will work out in their absence.

Nevertheless, we hope they’ll have a great trip with many Swiss chocolate bars (being on call continuously requires as much energy as possible).

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