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Peruvian Parliament votes Head of State Martín Vizcarra out of office

And Sr. Manuel Merino de Lama takes the reins

105 parliamentarians voted to impeach Martín Vizcarra, 19 voted against, 4 abstained.  The legal representatives believed the corruption allegations brought against Vizcarra and even his defence speech could not sway the house.  Today, Tuesday, at 10a.m. Peruvian Time (4p.m. Central European Time) the current President of Congress will move into the Government Palace.  The next general election will take place next April.  On 28th July 2021 Manuel Merino de Lama will move out of his official residence.

On 2nd June 2020 Sr. Merino de Lama listened to Dr John’s presentation to Congress.  We are delighted that we have a personal contact to the new Head of State.

(Picture caption: from left to right: Congressman Lenin Checco, President of Congress Sr. Merino de Lama. Dr. Klaus John and head of administration Steven de Jager. This group photo was taken after the meeting on 2nd June.)