An act of desperation

Or a scream for help

Why does a young woman take hold of knife during the night and stab herself in the arm?  At 3:30a.m. vascular surgeon Dr Thomas Tielmann and Dr Jens Haßfeld repaired an artery, a nerve and two sinews.  The operation was successful.  During the course of the next few weeks our occupational therapists will help the patient use her left arm again.

But just as important as the stitches and the cleaning of the wound is the psychological support provided by our psychologist Selene Rojas.

Of course we often stand completely stumped when confronted by difficult family constellations, but we have an incredibly powerful possibility: prayer.

As Christians we believe that God has the power to act and work miracles in even the most desperate and hopeless situations.  Faith gives those working at missionary hospitals the strength to give a minimum 100% – a factor that is missing at other hospitals.  Many patients realise this and that is why the pass by several clinics on their way to Curahuasi.  At the end of the day medicine is a matter of trust.

Vascular surgeon Dr Thomas Tielmann measures the blood flow through the arteries in the arm.
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