Our Short-Term Staffers Provide Valuable Services

The shortage of long-term staffers is resulting in needs that currently are being met by short-term staffers. This week, we have a German-American team of surgeons, consisting of Dr. Reihnard Kühn from Southern Germany and Dr. Lynn Chang from California.

Dr. Bill and Dr. Jacque Covington, two internists from Alabama, are joining us for three weeks. And, Dr. Gerhard Hinger has returned for another stint. He is an anesthesiologist from the German city of Baden-Baden. Whithout him, the surgeons couldn’t do their job; patients and surgeons would be quite lost without well administered anesthesia.

All of our short-term team members pay their airfare themselves. They also pay for their food and accommodation. That said, they invest quite a bit to help their poor patients free of charge. A special way of thinking for a special type of person. /KDJ
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