More useful contacts are made

Last Wednesday, Dr John negotiated with the Siemens Health Care company for the purchase of 2 pieces of x-ray equipment for the hospital. Siemens have made an attractive offer to sell the machines for the production price.

Following this, the missionary doctor presented the hospital project to a furniture company close to Nuremberg. Tomorrow he will head to the HWK company in Karlsruhe and on Friday morning he will go to Berlin for a press conference with “Programm”

Meanwhile, in the Niederbieler office Anette Bauscher along with some volunteers are working hard to get the donation receipts from 2007 into tomorrow’s mail.

A church group in Toronto wants to help in the acquisition of an emergency power generator. Today we were pleased to receive permission from San Antonio, Texas to use the music included in the documentary about Diospi Suyana.

In the meantime, appointments at companies in Tuttlingen and Luebeck are in the works and at the same time other presentations are already cleared.

Today, the Koch company printed 4000 copies of the Diospi information brochure free of charge.

Last night Australian surgeon, Dr Michael Stathis called with the welcome news that he will be able to spend some time in the mission hospital to do surgeries.

In other words, anyone working for Diospi Suyan can wipe the word “boredom” out of his dictionary!

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