Important Visitor from Costa Rica

Vicky Rodriguez traveled from Costa Rica to Curahuasi in order to inspect the equipment at Hospital Diospi Suyana. She works for the company Dräger Medical that will donate 6 new pieces of equipment for the Operating Rooms and ICU

Diospi Suyana will be the first hospital in Latin America to use the high-quality software of the company. In a few week´s time, the management of the company based in Lübeck will also visit the mission hospital.

Diospi Suyana cannot express express how thankful they are for the unexpected donation, the high quality service and the dedicated attention we have received from Dräger Medical. This is just another chapter in the book of miracles that has written itself during the construction and equipping of Hospital Diospi Suyana.

Diospi Suyana owes Dräger Medical for the unexpected majority donation and the incredible service.

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