How to explain all Diospi Suyana’s good news

An invisible power that sadly some people ignore

Als es am Montagvormittag an meiner Tür klopfte, hatte ich keine Ahnung was mich gleich erwarten würde. Drei peruanische Mitarbeiter betraten mein Büro und nahmen Platz. Eine Psychologin, ein Zahnarzt und ein Pastor. “Wir wollen ganz schnell für sie beten”, sagten die lieben Kollegen und legten los. Ein Ausdruck ihres Vertrauens auf Gott. Sie wussten, wir können uns noch so sehr bemühen, am Ende sind wir vom Segen Gottes abhängig. Und recht haben sie. Seit Jahren staune ich immer wieder, wie Gott seinen Segen kübelweise über Diospi Suyana ausschüttet.

Here are the ten good pieces of good news from yesterday, Friday:

  1.  The German Ambassador to Peru sent the hospital administration an extremely complimentary email.
  2.  An advisor to the Prime Minister called and assured me that the Government Palace would help if volunteers from abroad wanted to enter the country.
  3. The Peruvian Health Minister wrote a letter of solidarity for Diospi Suyana.
  4. Despite the Corona-crisis and the travel restrictions the missionary hospital treated an average of 164 patients a day this week.
  5. Despite the economic crisis and the uncertain situation more than 90% of the families have paid their financial contribution to the school’s distant-learning programme.
  6. Merzedes Lima donates USD9,000 to Diospi Suyana.
  7. Lunch in the hospital canteen was delicious: potato salad and schnitzel.  A certain cook by the name of Marco Bierke had something to do with today’s menu!
  8. The antennas and transmitter for our aerial tower in Abancay were delivered yesterday.
  9. The financial support of our friends worldwide has not waned despite the historic pandemic.
  10. As of yesterday 1.45mio Peruvians have clicked on our declaration from the 29th May on social media.

And now the best news of the whole day: God has not forgotten us.  He is only a prayer-distance away from us.  We are not vegetating all alone in an ice-cold universe.  No, God loves us!/KDJ.


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