Hackers paralyzed Diospi Suyana website

Our Internet presence seems to be very important to some dark elements

The Diospi Suyana website was offline for 70 long hours. We will probably never know who and where in the world is trying to harm our work. But of course we are in prominent company. The German Bundestag has already been hacked and the Pentagon in the USA.

Hackers shoot at websites that have gained some importance. We are almost honored by this attention. One more proof that Diospi Suyana is respected on the WWW.

A big thank you to Bernd Schermuly, who created our site on a voluntary basis. In recent days, he has made the same effort to limit the damage as Olaf Böttger, the chairman of Diospi Suyana. So Diospi Suyana is present again – until the next crash. The US-Americans use to say: Nothing can keep a good man down – Nothing can bring a good man (a good work) to his knees. /KDJ

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