No one expected this finding on the operating table

Surgeon Dr. Lukas Steffen did what was necessary

The following case proves once again that it is never wrong to do the right thing. The Quechua Indian woman had had a long journey through the mountains, especially considering her severe lower abdominal pain. Examinations at Hospital Diospi Suyana indicated a ruptured appendix with a large collection of pus in the abdominal cavity. Surgeon Dr. Lukas Steffen and the surgical team immediately prepared for an emergency procedure.

What they encountered after opening the abdomen was most amazing. The main problem was the uterus. Indeed, it showed signs of acute inflammation with necrosis (dead tissue). In one place, the appendix was stuck. When Dr. Steffen detached the appendix, he discovered a perforation (rupture) of the uterus, which was also filled with 300 ml of foul-smelling pus. Apparently, the appendix had covered the site, preventing the spread of peritonitis.

The surgeon removed the uterus (hysterectomy) and the appendix (appendectomy). Just two days later, the woman was on the road to recovery. In the U.S., by the way, rare cases are called a “fascinoma,” which is a fascinating finding that is good to publish in a journal.

One final question. How many people has Dr. Steffen helped with surgery? The answer is: 11. To the patient, of course, and to her nine children and husband in an indirect way. (Image above: The uterus is removed. The wall shows the pathological changes).

The patient stands upright again. The satisfaction of the procedure is written all over Dr. Steffen’s face.
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