Good Progress with Good Weather

 Slider Die Erde wird gesiebt

Ideal for outside work

Greetings Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, even though we “lost” a little time this week with the celebrations for the Curahuasi holiday, we still have seen some good progress.  Most of it can be seen in the flowerbeds around the school that or no longer just brown.  Daniel Dressler and many of the construction workers have moved a great deal of dirt, sorted stones, and organized and planted plants with great enthusiasm!

They are supported by the excavator, which we can now make good use of thanks to some recent dry weather.  Thank God it was also possible to raise an oversized screen so that the worst of stones can be removed from the sports field.

The plants are currently in front of the kindergarten and soon the garden will be tackled. We first have to accumulate the necessary amounts of dirt. Today the toilet trailer will also be removed, another sign that the construction work is drawing to a close.

The work in the logistics area of the warehouse should be completed this week.  The walls consist of a plasterboard-aluminum construction and only need to be plastered and painted. Have a great weekend and God’s blessings, Johannes

links die gesiebte Erde, rechts die Steine
On the left is the sieved dirt, on the right you can see the stones
Ein frisch gepflanztes Blumenbeet
A freshly planted flower bed
Der Zaunsockel wird verputzt
The fence bases are plastered
Der Toilettenwagen wird transportfertig gemacht
The toilet trailer before transportation
Gipskartonplatten werden an die Aluminiumkonstruktion geschraubt
Plasterboard is screwed to the aluminum constructions.
Die letzte Platte wird befestigt und innen wird bereits gestrichen
The last plate is fixed and the inside is already removed
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