Greetings From The Curahuasi Construction Site

Hi Olaf and Klaus,

I hope you had a nice and sunny weekend. For us here, winter is about to start and the days are getting shorter. “Poco a poco” as they say here, things are moving along on the construction site.

The floor of the ICU has been filled with concrete, and the supports have been set. The walls for the second floor ward units are almost finished. The ceiling supports for the south wing are put in. This hospital wing has only one floor. We have also started to set the ceiling in the west wing.

The Inca wall on the southern side is growing slowly, since the needed stones have become scarce on our site and have to be brought in from other areas. The outdoor theater now has all its entrances and doors. And, a small group of workers is continuously busy with the drainage system.

Klaus, we wish you a successful and blessed finish to the tour of the US!

May God be with you! Many greetings from the construction site in Curahuasi, Udo

Photo 1: Floor in the ICU

Photo 2: Stone production

Photo 3: A view of the ward

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