A 40-Minute Cab Ride With Toni

I land in San Jose, CA around lunch time. From there, I am supposed to take a shuttle bus up to San Francisco. Unfortunately, nobody at the airport seems to know where the bus stop is. I am dead tired, have loads of luggage and don’t know where to go.

The guy next to me is in a hurry. His connecting flight leaves in 90 minutes from San Francisco International airport. If nothing happens soon, his seat on board will remain empty. He needs a cab. And somewhat annoyed he goes off to search for one.

Five minutes later, he is back. “Delta is paying for the cab” he says to me. “If you want to, I can give you a ride!” While the cab driver is racing up to San Francisco, Toni Ward and I sit next to each other on the back seat for 40 minutes. I open my laptop and tell him about Diospi Suyana. “I would be happy to support your project. Here is my card.” These are his words before he leaves me at the airport.

The result: A cab ride free of charge and an unusual presentation about Diospi Suyana.

Photo 1: Finally at SFO, Toni Ward on his way to catch his connecting flight.

Photo 2: The streets of San Francisco.

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