The ICU Construction Is Under Way

Dear Olaf and Klaus,

It’s quite a gray day and so you won’t see any blue sky in these new images. Nevertheless, we are in good spirits and the construction is moving along, although at a somewhat slower pace.

Constructec is currently without a leader since Daniel Lind’s appartment in Quito was burglarized. Now, he is sitting in Ecuador without a PC, laptop or passport. We were told that he might get a new passport by the end of this week, so that will be the earliest he can return to the construction site.

The ground work for the intensive care unit has been laid and next week we will be paving the tiles (photo 1). Soon, we will start with the ceilings in the west wing. In the upper floor of the ward, the brick laying continues. And, 30 meters of the southern sustaining wall have been built (photo 2).

Other than that: the stone production is running, gardeners are putting in and watering grass, the control shafts for the drainage system are being dug (photo 3), and doors and gates are being installed in the outdoor theater so the area can be locked.

Greetings to the US and Germany from Udo

PS: The construction site’s kitchen (photo 4)

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