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CMA shows their generous side again

The workers around the warehouse supervisor Paul Rüfenacht have done a great job at Hiob International in Suisse Steffisburg. All furniture for Diospi Suyana is packed on pallets and ready to be picked up in the corner of the storage hall. The tables, closets and chairs are planned for the hospital, the school and the media centre.

The French shipping company has announced that the transportation of container Nr. 52 to Peru is free of charge. The loading is planned for March, 30th. Since yesterday morning there is a tractor trailor with container Nr. 51 on its way through the mountains to Curahuasi. The arrival is planned to be within the next 36 hours. Since clearing customs took 3 weeks, CMA won’ t charge us for those 20 extra days, equaling another donation of 1,500 US dollars.

We thank our benefactors in France and Switzerland for their support.

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Tables and closets.
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And of course chairs.
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