Start into Good Friday with Container No. 51

Plombe schneiden slider

We are happy that the cargo arrived well

We had made it clear to the transportation company Triton: “On Good Friday we don’t want to unload a container!”. But yesterday it arrived. After nearly 30 hours through the mountains the Semi turned onto our hospital  property. Life in South America is spontaneous and well fitted for people with great flexibility.

With a handfull of volunteers the unloading was done within 3 hours. A lot of coworkers will be happy about the content. A heartily Thank You to Peruvians and missionaries, who were working on a holiday without complaining.

Gedraenge im Container teaser
A crowd in the container. The moral in the group is high.
Eingang Container
After two and a half hours.
Debora De Haan als Pressereporterin
Debora de Haan as journalist.
Unter dem Dach
The last meters.
After Easter all the packages will be sorted and distributed.
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