Progress at the building site

Auch die Dacharbeiten gehen voran slider

Rays of hope everywhere

Dear Diospi- Suyana-friends and readers of the construction report, once again it was dry this week. Strong rainfalls did not occur to my delight, but to the distress of the farmers.  Nonetheless, arrangements are being made to improve the rainwater discharge.  During the last rain season, we noticed that large puddles formed on the school yard, which the students would walk through and have wet feet.  So here we are improving the facility with drainpipes, as you can see on the photo.

The interior of the media center is progressing. The yielding of the walls in the bathrooms was already initiated and 400 m² floor tiles arrived today.  Some workers are still busy with the screed, whilst others have begun to weld the window bars (as protection against burglary).  Furthermore others backfilled the grounding shaft and the prospective green patch with black soil.  This way everyone was kept gainfully employed.

The subcontractor is also making good progress with the construction of the roof.  Whilst work progressed, he brought the shingles today.
A wonderful and blessed week, Johannes

Nachbesserungsarbeiten im Schulhof slider
Improving the drainage in the school yard.
Der Erdungsschacht wird gefuellt slider
Filling the grounding shaft.
Ein volles Fliessenlager slider
Plenty of tiles for the floors
Fliessenarbeiten im WC
Quality work in one of the toilets.
Renaturalisierung slider
The media center is located next to the operating department of the hospital.
Schlosserarbeiten fuer die Fenstergitter slider
Burglar bars for the windows in the making.
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