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Hard to believe: The book of books as crime novel

Teacher Lilli Warkentin writes: „When I enter the classroom in the morning, one of the first questions coming from my students is: ‘What is the next story of Moses?’  Everyday they  listen to another Bible story with great interest.  They have even asked whether they could come to school on the weekend. They really want to hear how the stories progress.  We started with the Genesis creation of the world and are dealing with the exodus out of Egypt.  Some of the kids are hearing these stories for the first time.

Lilli unterrichet 2 red2
Teacher Lilli Warkentin teaching in class.

During their time to read, the children take Bibles off the shelf and read the stories again on their own.  Initially I had placed the bibles out of the childrens’ reach, because I thought that the font was too small for the second graders. But because they continuously insisted on having the Bibles, I put them in reach for everyone now.

I wish that every child understands that Abraham Isaac and Jacob’s God is the same today.  And that he has an amazing plan in mind for each one of them!“

Zwei Maedchen mit Buechern
Zwei Schulmädchen freuen sich über ihre Bücher.
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