One sees it, the other doesn’t

Halo Ende Oktober 2015 slider

A matter of perspective

The “halo” has been sighted four times over Curahuasi in the past 10 years, which is a natural phenomenon from the breaking of light by ice crystals at 10 km altitude. A beautiful picture was ingeniously captured on camera by Daniel Dreßler. This spectacle is  only observed by the most attentive who have raised their gaze heavenward.
In a figurative sense, this phenomenon occurs over and over again. When our view is limited to the ground we are standing on, we will miss out on a lot of happenings between heaven and earth, where God acts in spectacular ways. However, we have to measure in heaven’s dimension. The horizontal is not the only reality. In the same manner as we turn to God in prayer, our gaze is lifted up and indeed, we see so much more. /KDJ

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