Finally A Cooperation Agreement

The talks lasted several weeks. Both sides negotiated hard regarding the wording of the agreement, which does not have a term limit.

Diospi Suyana takes on the obligation of building a non-profit missionary hospital with the goal of providing medical services to the rural poor practicing love for one another.

Diospi Suyana will facilitate the training of Peruvian nurses, students and doctors.

The city, on the other hand, will not charge Diospi Suyana any license fees and will take care of providing transportation , electricity, water and sewage connections.

The ceremony at city hall took 90 miinutes. Both parties were happy about the good team work. Dr John once more underlined that this project could not be realized without trust in the Lord. With God’s help the impossible becomes possible. Afterwards the missionary doctor invited the city representatives to tour the construction site.

Photo 1: Mayor Cesar Luna and Dr Klaus John signing the agreement. Dr Martina John visibly happy about the outcome.

Photo 2: A Photo for the press.

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